Welcome to the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP) Website!

The IAADP Board of Directors worked tirelessly to bring this project to fruition and will continue to keep this site up to date with information our members need. We hope you find this website easy to use, accessible, and relatable through the many photos we’ve added. You are always welcome to send us pictures, with your permission to post those pictures to this website. 

About International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP)

IAADP's Mission

Founded in 1993, IAADP is the premier disability rights advocacy organization. Our mission is to preserve and expand public access rights for persons with disabilities partnered with assistance dogs (guide, hearing, and/or service dogs). We accomplish this mission in many ways, including but not limited to:

  • Public education and outreach
  • State, federal, and international policy advocacy to preserve and expand public access rights
  • Informing and participating in public policy rulemaking and case law at state and federal levels in the United States
  • Promotion of minimum training standards
  • Information and resource sharing via our website, newsletter, social media sites, and special events
  • Benefits for eligible assistance dog teams
  • Answering your questions by phone, email, and mail


IAADP envisions a world that provides full and complete access to assistance dog teams across a variety of disabilities without denial or hardship.


  1. Submit comments and proposals as part of state and federal policy advocacy while laws are created and passed regarding assistance dog access rights in public places and in air travel.
  2. Partner with like-minded companies and organizations in the assistance dog community to promote education and encourage community participation.
  3. Organize and hold an educational conference for the assistance dog community and for other like-minded organizations to participate in collective impact efforts to develop shared goals.

Representatives from IAADP have a strong history of connecting with community leaders at all levels of government and the private business sector to explain how assistance dogs help our members experience full and meaningful lives with greater independence and social inclusion across the globe. We aim to continue this advocacy, on the local, state and federal level, to insure our access is equitable. We will help our international members find the information needed to obtain equal access as well. 

While our previous website had a lot of valuable information, it was time to bring IAADP into the future.  It is vitally important to us to keep our members current and informed with the latest information about our rights as assistance dog partners. If you see anything missing, or have an idea to add to our website, please let us know. We welcome your opinions and suggestions, and your involvement. Simply contact us at info@iaadp.org

For our members past and present, this is YOUR organization. We value you and want you to continue being IAADP members. IAADP is run by a dedicated group of volunteers with a collective 49 years of experience with assistance dogs. Add your experience, be it 1 year or 20, to our leadership team, and volunteer. Help is needed with the newsletter, social media, the new website, and more. “History is made by those who show up,” (unknown). Volunteer to make a difference today!