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We hope that you will find everything you need in this section as to email addresses, street addresses and phone numbers. If you need further information, contact our Information & Advocacy Center for help.


P.O. Box 26601

Overland Park, KS 66225

IAADP Phone Numbers:

(888) 544-2237 (USA / North America)


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The IAADP Information and Advocacy Center responds to inquiries from families with a disabled loved one, disabled individuals, trainers, assistance dog training programs worldwide, new programs, businesses, educators, health care professionals, veterinarians, government officials, hospital administrators, reporters, writers, researchers and others with a professional interest in the assistance dog field. While we are not legal professionals nor a law office, we are familiar with the laws and regulations and court decisions, so we may be able to help with your questions. You are advised to seek legal counsel if needed. 


National Helpline: (541) 972-3647

Membership Questions

(888) 544-2237 (USA / North America)


Jill Exposito, President:

Jane Schlau, Ed.D., Vice President:

Megan Kennedy, J.D., Treasurer/Secretary:

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