IAADP Membership Statement

To the IAADP Community:

Assistance dogs have gained significant popularity over the last 20 years, worldwide. With that rise in popularity, there has been a significant increase in the number of questions IAADP receives about training, certifications, and flying with assistance dogs.

To be clear, IAADP does not – and has never – provided any kind of training or certification for assistance animals. IAADP is not a certifying organization. IAADP is an advocacy organization dedicated to preserving and expanding public access rights for persons with disabilities partnered with assistance dogs. Please review our Membership Benefits page.

IAADP does not “certify” organizations to be able to train assistance dogs to give to members of the community. We do not train dogs. We do not place assistance dogs with people. Furthermore, use of the IAADP membership card is NOT to be used to gain public access.

IAADP does not “certify” anybody to be able to take their dog, assistance dog or pet, onto an airplane. IAADP is an advocacy agency only. It is not acceptable for any of our members to use their membership with IAADP as a “certification” or statement to prove to an airline to permit them to fly with any animal, assistance dog or otherwise.

Please review the applicable laws of your country to determine if your assistance dog is eligible to fly. For flights leaving or entering the United States, the Air Carrier Access Act is the relevant law.

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