Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Can I get an assistance dog from IAADP?

A: Unfortunately, no. IAADP does not provide or train assistance dogs.


Q: Where can I begin a search for an assistance dog?

A: Look on the Assistance Dogs International (ADI) website


Q: Where can I find a trainer to help me with my owner trained assistance dog?

A: Look for a certified trainer who has experience training an assistance dog. Two reputable organizations overseeing the regulation of dog trainers are: and


Q: I’d like to volunteer for IAADP. Who do I contact?  



Q: I have a disability and need an assistance dog. Is there a cost?

A: Check with Assistance Dogs International (ADI)  to identify various agencies. Contact agencies that you’re interested in to see if there are fees, fundraising expectations, or other requirements. Many agencies provide trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities at no charge.


Q: I need financial assistance for my assistance dog.  Can IAADP help?  

A: IAADP does not offer financial assistance for member dogs. However, we do have the Veterinary Care Partnership (VCP) for members whose dogs are ill.

Membership Questions

IAADP Membership FAQ

Q: What are the requirements for membership with IAADP?  

A: Please look at IAADP Membership Eligibility Policy

Q: Does membership with IAADP mean my dog is certified which gives me legal access to anywhere I want to go? 

A: No. Although IAADP advocates for legal access with all well-behaved and highly task trained assistance dogs, we do not train, certified, register or in any way provide proof of legitimacy for any assistance dog team. 

Q: I have two dogs that work for me. One is close to retiring and one is still being trained. Can I get benefits for both? 

A: Per the policy and agreement with our corporate sponsors and donors, only one dog may receive member benefits through IAADP. 

Q: My only income is Disability, and I am very low-income. Do you provide scholarships or discounts for low-income members or applicants? 

A: IAADP’s operating expenses are only partially covered by membership dues. The rest is covered through fundraising efforts and donations. We are therefore unable to provide discounted or free memberships for low-income individuals for one-year memberships. However, all Partner Applicants are welcome and encouraged to join or renew for the three-years-for-the-price-of-two membership dues rate, which is even more heavily discounted.

Q: I have a dog that helps me with loneliness and gives me a lot of comfort but does not actually have any task training. Can I join as a partner member with my emotional support or therapy dog? 

A: IAADP is an advocacy-based organization for those individuals with a disability, partnered with a task trained assistance dog. Emotional support dogs and therapy dogs are not eligible for membership. Each application is screened to verify membership eligibility.

Q: I have an eight-week-old puppy that is going to be my assistance dog when it gets older. Can I join now as a partner member? 

A: You are welcome to join as a friend member until such time as your dog has completed task training. Dogs must be at least one year old, 18 months for a mobility dog, and be fully task trained before being eligible for a partner membership. 

Q: I have a service dog that needs surgery, but I am not a member of IAADP. If I join IAADP can I apply for a grant to help with surgery costs? 

A: Pre-existing conditions are not eligible for grant consideration. Additionally, there is a 45 day wait from the time you receive your membership card before a grant would be considered. We have this restriction in order to keep our grant program sustainable.

Q: Can I get a lifetime membership or get an automatic renewal each year without having to reapply? 

A: Three years is the most anyone can join or renew at a time; with each renewal the application is screened. Your signature on the application indicates your dog is still actively working for you and that you still meet IAADP’s minimum training standards. This is important for the integrity of our organization.

Q: My dog has passed away (or retired), and I now have a successor dog. How do I get benefits for my successor dog? Who do I contact? 

A: Please email Dana at

Q: I received my new member packet, but I’m still confused about how to get my dog’s benefits. Who do I contact? 

A: If you have read through your membership packet and benefit matrix and need help, please contact Dana at

Q: I filled out an application form and made the dues payment last week but have not heard anything yet. When will I get my card? 

A: There are several steps through the membership application process and each application is screened for authenticity. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks to be contacted regarding your application if you are joining as a new member. If you have not received any communication or your new packet within 60 days, please contact Dana at for a status check. Please be patient – we sort through a very large volume of daily requests and do our best to process applications quickly, but accurately.

Legal Questions

Q: Where can I find the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) law?  

A: The website to view the Americans with Disabilities Act in its entirety is: To view the law specifically on assistance dogs, click here.


Q: Where can I learn about assistance dogs and the ADA?  Does the ADA cover assistance dogs?  

A: Please look at the IAADP advocacy page.


Q: Who do I contact to file a DOJ complaint?  

A: Go to the Department of Justice (DOJ) ADA website.

Travel Questions

Q: What is the app that shows where animal relief areas are in an airport?  

A: The app is called “Where To Go,” free for iPhone or Android.


Q: What documentation do I need to travel with an assistance dog?

A: Visit IAADP’s Advocacy tab for more information or check additional resources: Air Always carry rabies and other vaccination documentation with you. Check with the transportation provider for more information.