Assistance Dog Loss Support

IAADP Assistance Dog Loss Support, In Loving Memory of Hannah Mae
In Loving Memory of Hannah Mae

Are you mourning the loss of your assistance dog? Sadly, we must all eventually face the end of a partnership due to retirement, illness, separation or death. This may also include anticipatory grief before an impending loss.

IAADP’s Assistance Dog Loss Committee is here to support you during your time of loss. Through our peer facilitated monthly support call, participants come to share their loss and ideas for coping, express feelings, ask and answer questions, give and get support. Participants are encouraged to help themselves and support each other in an environment where they can safely share their thoughts and feelings. People who attend have found that even though each person’s loss is unique, there are common experiences of assistance dog partnership that they share, and they are not alone. Hearing how others heal in their grief journey also offers hope for the future.

We welcome you and honor your journey and partnership. Please contact us at and include information about the type of loss you are experiencing, phone number including area code and time zone, and best time to reach you. One of our facilitators will contact you to discuss your needs and if our support call is right for you. If you have been through the loss of an assistance dog and would like to consider helping the committee, please get in touch at